Here’s Why Other People’s Farts Smell Way Worse Than Your Own


So maybe you were too embarrassed to ask or you have been wondering why your fart is so much less offensive than that of other people. Or you realize that you can withstand your own fart but can’t cope with that of other people. It turns out that science has various explanations for this, a new video (HERE) from the YouTube series ASAPScience and the report from Huff’Post explains more:

For starters, “the more familiar you are with something, whether it be a song, picture, or even a smell, the more likely you are to prefer it,” series co-creator Mitchell Moffitt says in the video, “and because the bacterial population in your body producing these smells is completely unique from every other individual, our farts truly have a one-of-a-kind brand that your nose can differentiate.”

And then there’s the fact that others’ farts can actually make you sick.

“There are many reported cases of farts spreading Streptococcus pyogenes, a pathogen that can cause tonsillitis, scarlet fever, heart disease, and even flesh-eating disease,” Moffitt says in the video. “The pathogen is expelled as fecal matter or poop particles in the air… Of course, this was a major concern for our ancestors who ran around naked, but for us underwear or pant-wearing folks, farts don’t pose a real threat.”

You’re welcome.


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