Guy Tried to Steal Chainsaw by Sneaking it Underneath Shirt


Talking about crimes and stealing, it is much more easier to steal money or mobile phones and hide it under on’es shirt in a bid to cover it up. A foolish thief was arrested for trying to steal a chainsaw and tried to hide it under his shirt.

WPTV reports that Anthony Brian Ballard was charged with grand theft by police in Port St. Lucie, Fla., after authorities accused him of stealing the tool.

Ballard is said to have entered a lawn maintenance store and asked to break a dollar into change. He then placed a chainsaw under his shirt and left the store without paying.

After fleeing on a bicycle, Ballard was eventually found by an employee from the business, who tracked the 28-year-old man down and held him until police arrived. The chainsaw was recovered in a vacant lot nearby.

UPI reports that the bicycle used for the getaway was also stolen.Ballard was booked into St. Lucie County Jail.



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