Gen. Muhammadu Buhari Steps Out Looking Dapper In Suit (Photos)


You are about to witness a sight you might never see again in your lifetime, Who ever know that the APC presidential aspirant could clean up so well and clean.

The 2015 political battle is bound to be very interesting.

With the advancement of the technological age, the major political contenders are forced to also up their PR game in anticipation of the general elections next year.

Check out this photoshoot featuring Muhammadu Buhari.

The retired Major General was the Nigeria’s military ruler from the 31st of December 1983 to the 27th of August 1985.

He unsuccessfully ran for President during the last Presidential elections and is set to run again in 2015.

See the classy photos below: –













  1. Infact,poiltics is a serious business o,is now I believe dat d man is ready!,he even wear RESOURCES CONTROL HEART,or maybe oil have bn discova 4rm north sha,so d battle line had bn drawn now,2015 let go…..

  2. Wow let’s God give us a leader that we lead us well comes 2015 by his own chosen or making between buhari and jonathan God give us the one u know will we make nigeria a home for all amen.

  3. All because of 2015. Naijas shine your eyes and don’t bet carried away by the outer layer. We cannot be deceived and they should know that there’s God and He’s watching them.

  4. U guys are not serious, what do u see in that old man??his galop face or the rickles on his hands. What about the rinkles of his brain???????

  5. God help Nigeria. How on earth do you thing that changing of clothes will make people change their mind. Changing of clothes do not change ones ideaology. Please don’t polish your outside for us. We want the inward beauty-made-man come 2015. Please be yourself. Don’t deceive us. We are tired of being deceived by what that is being said.

  6. They are expecting the messiah who will never come lazy people the messiah is not yet born ,all these are deceiver remember God is not like men God is going to surprise you people go and write it down we shall meet again in march 2015 to compare note.

  7. They feel we are senseless,after putting nigeria on a wrong direction in the 80s whhat are they still looking for again, we will make them cry again, you want change in nigeria abi? We want chang too but not you.

  8. Buhari, among all the contenders for president of Naija, you are the best come sun come rain. Nigerians do not be deceived vote wisely but not for the one that is encouraging corruption, for instance, FFK case, Fayoses case, Abachas sons case, Alam now coming for Si natural set, olabode George, I can go on and on.. be warned Nigerians…

  9. Please I mean Alam coming for senatorial set in 2015 all because GEL is supporting him. Is there no other ways to help this man than making Nigeria a laughing stock.? A man suppose to be in Jail in the UK….

  10. My fellow nigeria let wake up from our slumber and accept our wrongs , with a sincere heart do u think gej is better than gmb, is imposible, we have see both of then rule nigria, my fellow nigeria if it is between gmb and geJ pls vote wisely, don’t b decieve by people who is full of hatred, discrimination, tribalism and religion setiment, we have see gej rule nigeria for 6yrs nothing comes out, what do u want another person tO tell u, use ur brain my fellow nigeria

  11. Monkey na monkey weather him wear suit or not.. Aboki na aboki weather him wear etibo or not.. Gen buhari na one old monkey dat will b disgrace come 2015… Up GEJ…

  12. Fish na Fish whether he wear whatever cloth or not. Ijaw na Ijaw whether he wear suite or not….Carry go GMB. Some of u people should leave sentiments and take time to do some research about GMB for his little time as Nigeria Head of State and compare to Jonathan 6yrs in the office. The 1st we have a Phd holder in the helms of affair in Nigeria and he messed up big time.


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