For Married Women – Low Libido? 3 No-Fail Ways to Get in the Mood

Face it, it’s hard to get in the mood, let alone make time to lock the door when you’re a mom. You’re exhausted. You need to make cookies for the bake sale. And wrestle your kids into the tub. There’s dishes in the sink. The RHO-of-something are on. We get it! But you have to make the effort to keep your relationship healthy and happy. Instead of just appeasing him with a quickie, then falling asleep, try these tips from real-life moms to make alone time more special.

1. Do something sweet.
You’ve heard of breakfast in bed, right? Well that doesn’t exactly pan out when your kids wake up at the crack of dawn. For a sexy twist on eating in bed, tuck the kids in at their normal bedtime and bring wine, berries, cream, and chocolates into your room. Cozy up next to your guy under the covers and enjoy the sweet snack. Soon you’ll be feeding each other and feeling frisky. — Jennifer, 31

2. Put on a sexy show.
You have to disrobe and put on PJs before bed anyway, so fight the urge to hurry and change when you get home and wait for your man. Once the kids are asleep, slowly strip off your work clothes, yoga clothes, any clothes — in front of him. Take your time and tease him with sneak peeks. If you want to freshen up after a long day we don’t blame you. Invite your man into the shower, or even better, shower alone and join him in the bed, still wet and warm from your shower. – Cate, 26

3. Sext with him.
Sexting is an awesome way to entice and excite your partner. Start sending naughty texts and pics around 3 p.m., when you’re both feeling the afternoon slump. The hot back-and-forth will continue until you both get home. But surprise him by feeding the kids dinner and then setting them up with a movie. When he walks in, drag him into the bathroom, lock the door, and give him a BJ. He’ll be ready and willing to repay the favor when the kids are fast asleep. — Lauren, 37



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