Florida Woman Chopped Neighbour Into Pieces, Cooks Remains


A Florida woman who was accused of murdering her neighbour has told the police how she cut up the body with a hacksaw and tried to cook the parts away, according to court documents. UPI witnessed the proceedings:

The newly released documents said Angela Stoldt, 42, who was charged with first-degree murder by a grand jury last week, told police she killed James Sheaffer, 36, in April 2013 and cut up his body with a hacksaw at her Deltona home.

Stoldt told police she attempted to cook away the body parts in pots and in her oven, but the method didn’t work and she ended up spreading the parts in dumpsters in New Smyrna Beach.

Police said Stoldt served Sheaffer a drink spiked with her father’s prescription drugs during a meeting at her home about a loan Sheaffer wanted to obtain from Stoldt’s father.

Stoldt told police she took her neighbour to the cemetery where he became violent. She claimed it was self-defense when she stabbed him in the eye with an ice pick and strangled him with a cord.

Judge Randell Rowe III ruled in September against a motion claiming self-defense under the state’s “stand your ground” law. The judge said Stoldt undertook “unreasonable actions” for someone acting in self-defense.



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