Fishermen in Philippines Say they Found Human Head Inside Shark


A group of fishermen in the Philippines said they found a leg and partially digested human head inside the belly of a massive tiger shark. 48-year-old Bodoy Gorgod said he and four others were fishing Oct. 5 between Camiguin and Bohol islands when they cught the large tiger shark, which Gorgood estimated weighed more than 650 pounds. Read more on UPI:

The fisherman and his colleagues opened up the shark and found a partially digested human head and a human leg.

“It was so disgusting. We can’t bear the awful smell,” Gorgood told Minda News.

Gorgood said the group decided to keep the shark’s jaws and fins and they threw the rest, including the human remains, back into the water so as not to incur “bad luck.”

Some locals speculated the remains could have been from one of the missing passengers from the M/V Maharlika 2 ferry, which sank Sept. 13 in rough waters brought about by a tropical storm. The vessel was carrying a total of 84 people when it went down off Southern Leyte. Two male passengers remain missing.


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