Chidinma says she can’t marry a fellow entertainer


Petite talented singer — Chidinma is one of those very reserved singers who still manages to win the hearts of lots of Nigerians, including other celebrities.

A lot of male celebrities have openly admitted on having a crush on the superstar singer, but they would be heart crushed when they read this.

Chidinma Ekile popularly referred to as Ms. Kedike in a recent interview with TheNation spoke at length on her musical career amongst other things.

The beautiful singer when asked about if she sees herself getting married to someone in the entertainment industry. She replied with a firm ‘NO’, and when asked for her reason, she explained: –

Personally, I wouldn’t want to, except God has another plan for me. Some people might disagree with me on this one, but I just feel that after the madness in the industry, I just want to go back home to sanity. You’ll just want to go back to being cool and having your peace, rather than going back to someone who’s also in that same madness.

I was talking to someone and the person said: “Chidinma, I don’t agree with you because I think the person will understand you and understand that this is what you do.” But I still don’t think I want to do that.


    • Are you not the one I saw posted yesterday?. Look for a responsible man not ndi mmacha cos they will not only disappoint you but will expose your secret affair with them. Live your life to please GOD


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