President of Chad May Be Buying Weapons For Boko Haram

Jonathan in Chad

A close associate of the President of Chad, Idriss Déby, has been arrested for providing weapons for terrorist group Boko Haram.

The suspect, Mahamat Bichara Gnoti, was reported to have been arrested on the Chadian-Sudan border with 19 SAM2 missiles. He was alleged to have purchased the missiles from the Sudanese army for Boko Haram terrorists.

Gnoti claimed that President Idriss Déby gave him “the funds to purchase the weapons, … waved a presidential pass issued to him by Mr Deby’s office in order to get past border guards, but was stopped and searched by the guards who found the deadly weapons on him,” reports Sahara Reporters, citing a Cameroonian investigative journalist, Bisong Etahoben.

The arrest may lay credence to the suspicion of many, that the Chadian leader was one of the people fueling insurgency in Nigeria. He was accused of setting up Nigeria on the botched ceasefire deal brokered by him, where the country was said to have lost millions of dollars in search for lasting peace for the country, and the release of over 200 Chibok girls abducted by the Boko Haram on April 14.

Following the information by Etahoben, who seems to have impeccable sources, the Nigerian government has launched an investigation to verify his claims, reports Nigerian Tribune, citing a highly placed source in the Nigerian security formation.

The source said once the claims are verified, the government will take appropriate action against the president of Chad.


  1. It is not a probability but a reality. Not just using Chad’s money to buy arms for BH, but using Nigeria’s money which Idriss Derby recently swindled from ignorant Jonathan to buy those arms. The contemporaneity of these events ought to be a seriuos warning to Jonathan. Where are our dimplomats and strategists? Do they still exist?

  2. daz why if we say PDP is boko haram some people dey ague last two weeks oga jona and former governor of borno state travel to chad with brief case no be money dey carry gave the man it has being long that shariff is supplying arms to boko boys.

  3. Tom U talk like an ass! We are talking serious issues about ignorance, and someone has asked a very sensitive question” were are our diplomats, security intelligent experts” and u are there talking shit. God will fight for this country

  4. God wil run down d chadian and their nigerian collaborators, it is high time securities rise and wise up, live up to expectation. God wl surely deliver 9ja frm wicked people.

  5. Nigeria the home of peace,a land of all,a land of pride,a land of value,a land were by we don’t hate or kill as turn to a land whereby people kill their mother,father,brother,sister,friends….nigeria has gotten enemies she don’t know…nigeria as turn to a country whereby a country like chad can mess us up with anybody standing for her…brothers.sisters,friends,fathers and mothers it high time we land of our mothers high time we take the bull by thr horn and stop hoping for help where they his no help…it high time we support ourself and leave religion and time we come as that nigeria which they know us for it time we stand up against evil and say no to it…it high time we people of high time,it high time…let rise against them let us tell them they can not wipe us away from these word because we where here before them…let us not allow some people to take our pride away from us…let us stand together with our government to solve these problem at hand…without all these our problem can’t be solve….I wish to speak to the all nigerians on tv and speak some words to we nigerians.. I just wish it could be possible….from frederick daniel….

  6. GOd is greater dan man and he alone will put dis country in shape again, he will review our enemies nd bring dem to our 9 viewsfeet in jesus name….amen…

  7. This is shocking allegation, our neighbor wishing us evil? We need to seal our borders with chad and suspend diplomatic relations with them if the allegations prove to true

  8. We are not sure yet. Of all dis allegation, it may b aimed at causing war to help BH achiev its aim on the other hand let’s leav see wat comes out of d investigation. Most of all let us pray for the country

  9. Pictures of GEJ + Modu Sheriff + Chadians + Oritsejahfor + Asari Dokubo can only point in the direction of a common agenda to coarse Nigerians into re-electing GEJ.
    Oritjeshafor’s plane belongs to GEJ. Its arm acquisition failures in SA brought BH to a standstill and made a ceasefire compelling because of shortages of weapons and funds.
    Now that SA hurriedly returned the $15m, it is likely to have been used with the help of the Chadians to acquire weapons for BH.
    CAN, Oyedepo, G.O. Redeem et al should stop being fooled into promoting GEJ and Oritsejhafor’s political agenda.
    May God help Nigeria.

  10. We have wondered what kind of Nigerians would willingly be destroying their fatherland. Chadians and their president are the bokoharam and must be ruthlessly dealt with for this. Nigeria should now puesue and bomb these barbarians into Chad and capture that wicked president of theirs in an operation “No mercy” to restore Nigerian hope and dignity.They surely have some internal accomplices who should be fished out and decisively dealt with.

  11. “There is no peace for the wicked”. That Chadian leader must be dealt with by the Nigerian military who have been messed with most by these mindless terrorists. The international coalition must bomb Chad too for the unprovoked murder of many people of various nationalities by bokoharam.

  12. Which Nigerian military? Do you still think our soldiers can fight the chadians? Of course, there’s collusion of our neighbors in the activities of BH. They could not hv lasted this long otherwise. Check history, Nigeriens & Chadians hv never liked us & nothing ll gv them more pleasure than to see the end of us. Better still if its done from inside. Jonathan is just wasting time by going to them. Let him reorganize d army, get adequate weapons & fight this evil frontaly.


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