Actress Shola Shobowale slams reports of drug peddling in America

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A few days have gone by now since Yoruba Nollywood actress  — Shola Shobowale made headlines for allegedly being caught in America trying to smuggle drug. The story also claimed that the actress was locked up in an American prison cell.

However, in an interview with Yes International, Shobowale  says she has never been arrested and that she  has been away in America because of her children who are schooling in Europe.

When asked the most damaging story written about her, the actress tells YI;

“I don’t give a damn. Nothing. They said they have killed me in America and at a time in Saudi Arabia. They even said that my hands were cut off in Saudi Arabia before they killed me. They said I begged the Saudi Arabian authorities that they should please spare my life that I’m an actress in Nigeria, but they refused my plea and cut off my head. When I got back to Nigeria after the story, everyone that saw me ran away from me because they thought I was really a ghost. They asked me, “Shola, but they said they have killed you?” I told them that I don’t believe in abracadabra. That it was magic that I used. I told them I commanded the head to come back, because I was coming to Nigeria and the head got fixed. I came from England again sometime for a meeting at the National Theatre and a colleague of mine saw me and marveled. She said, “Shola, but they said you are in Holloway Prison in England and I said yes!” That those people recognized me and gave me a break to come home so that when I’m done here in Nigeria, I will go back to the prison in UK. She said I wasn’t serious, but I asked that when they told you I was in prison, did you believe the story? And she said yes! So, I said fine, because she told me she heard that somebody came to Holloway Prison and saw me there and that the person even spoke to me; that all I could do was just to cry. She said it was that lady who came to Nigeria and told them. If I carried cocaine and got imprisoned in Holloway, there is no way the UK government would have kept me in England till now. I would have been deported. So, I have never carried cocaine and I have never been imprisoned. So, all they have said or written about me is none of my business, because it doesn’t bother me a bit.”

On why she thinks the allegations of drug peddling surfaced in the first place, she says;

“Why are you asking me? Let me re-direct the question to you. Why are you asking questions? (I asked because there is a general belief that there is no fire without a smoke). Okay. You will do me a very good favour by announcing to the whole world that anyone that saw Shola Shobowale where she was peddling cocaine should come out and I will personally give a monetary reward of one million (N1,000,000). But the person must be able to tell the world where he/she saw me, the time, the occasion, with who and who we peddled the drugs together. I think that will surely answer your question.”


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