70 Snakes Stolen in ‘Professional Hit’


People steal different things for different reasons, but why would anybody want to steal snakes? Well, a group of thieves have hit a British pet store and carting away not less than seventy snakes in a professional  armed robbery way. Read more as reported by UPI:

Workers at a British pet store said thieves made off with 70 valuable snakes in a break-in dubbed “a professional hit.”

Steve Mussard, a worker at Rugby Reptiles, said the thieves broke into the store Tuesday night and stole 40 royal pythons and 30 boa constrictors.

Mussard said the snake rustlers also damaged security cameras and unplugged the CCTV system during the heist.

“The police have said this is a professional hit,” Mussard told the Coventry Telegraph. “They have been stolen to order — they knew what they were getting was valuable. They have left the corn snakes and the really big snakes and lizards that couldn’t be carried anyway.”



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