5 Body Language Secrets To Attract Women

article-201492685440720647000It is said that cupid favours the brave! So, one needs to be ready when the right one comes along. The first step of attraction may be physical (looks or voice), but the key factor is surely communication. And only 10% of what we communicate happens through words; the rest is all body language. Getting the body language right goes a long way in making people like you. Here we reveal a few secrets on how to master this language and attract women.

1. Smile please
A smile can be very powerful when used effectively. It is one of the first things people notice about you when they see you. A good smile shows your confidence and enthusiasm.

2. Let your eyes speak!
Make and maintain eye contact. Women look for confidence and sincerity in a man and there is no one better to tell them about it than your eyes. Also keep your eyes from wandering off to ‘you-know-where’ when you are talking to her. Eye contact and glances can also be used to invite or express interest.

3. Move your body
Movements are important. Hurried, fidgety gestures and movements spell low self-confidence. Moving too fast may make her feel intimidated. Controlled movements are signs of a confident man. They also give the other person a sense of comfort.

4. Walk like a man
It is ‘key’ to have a good posture when you are walking. Walking with your head down or your hands in your pockets makes you look ‘closed’ and less approachable. Walk with your head held high and open up your shoulders.

5. Be relaxed!
When you meet and talk to people, you spend most of your time sitting. It is very important to give a relaxed impression. Lean back and make yourself comfortable. Don’t fold your hands, it signals that you are shielding yourself and makes you look unapproachable.

source: bollywoodshaadis.com


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