2face Idibia’s Mom Attacked With Stones At Her Husband’s Burial!



mrs idibia

According to sources who were present in Benue state for the burial of 2face Idibia’s father, Pa Michael Idibia, his widow, Mrs. Rose Idibia was almost stoned to death on Thursday night after she was attacked by her late husband’s kinsmen at the Amafu community in Okpokwu LGA of Benue State. Read the sad story below:The family members are angry with her for allegedly stopping from from building them the family house he promised.According to The Daily Post, the problem started shortly after her late husband died and the family invited the four children to inform them on what to do.

 For his quota, 2face was instructed to build a befitting house where his father and also ‘grade’ the road leading to Amufu, their home town from Ojapo for easy access during the burial – and he promised to fulfil the obligations.
As a matter of fact, he sent in some money and kicked off the building project and the upgrading of the road immediately, however, along the line, the projects hit menopause and family members were left in the dark on what led to the sudden stoppage.
“When we contacted 2face, he told us he no longer had money to further the project that he would continue after his father’s burial, but we carried out our investigation and found that it was his mum, Rose that stopped him from completing the project. The mum told him not to waste his money on any building that he would not come home anytime to stay there, saying that his uncles would only take over the house once he completes it,” an indigene who craved anonymity toldDailypost. Thus, the people resorted on taking the revenge on him and his mum.

As soon as the corpse touched down in Amufu and the widow alighted, youths in the land began to jeer her, they threw stones and sticks at her calling her all sort of names and saying that she is wicked – some mockingly called her ‘Obu Michael’ (Michael’s husband).
She had to be sneaked into a room by her colleagues from Cherryfield College, Jikwoyi where she serves as Vice Principal, Admin. When all this was happening, 2face Idibia allegedly remained in his car with two of his kids, Isabella and Olivia.

Explaining her side of the story when the father in charge of Mt. St. Camel Catholic Church, Ojapo tried settling the case, Mrs. Idibia blasted her in-laws for being heartless.
“Is it not wickedness that you would call on someone who is mourning his father to come and start a building project? When my husband died, they informed my son to come and build ten bed room flat. He accepted and promised to do so, with the hope that a hug amount of money was coming his way. The building project started almost immediately but stopped along the line because of finance. So, when they called to complain why money was no longer coming I called Tuface and he said because of the Ebola issue, the money he was expecting could not come that they should hold on till after the burial. But his uncle refused that the burial would not hold until Tuface completes the house. When we finally came home with the corpse on Thursday, they began to boo me. Some wanted to kill me by throwing stones and sticks at me that I stopped Tuface my son from building in his village,” she explained.




  1. Which one be them worn rip where them no sow. Is he not popular enough to have money to build for his people? As popular as he is, he can not even put a building in his home town. Na wow

  2. Am wondering why all the clan will be against the woman.is it just for the building? Where did the man live while sick and was the woman there to care for him before he died? Is 2face not supposed to have a home in his father’s compound owing to his popularity and wealth? and finally, what complain did the man lay to the clan against his wife before he died?

  3. Tufiakwa! As highly held as tuface idibia is,his father did not enjoy his money..kai haba man where is your glory? You are just big outside…!!

  4. so funny comments…..wot does burial ve 2 do wif building house n road is he fed govt or wot. popularity s nt alwayz equal 2 wealth. y ask 4 such afta d fada died? y did he even start such? if he wld even build let it b afta burial rite n nt unda compulsion. as 4 d moda pls let her b.u ppl didnt partake n d 9 mths trip of pregnancy.haba plsssssssss

  5. Chei! No good road nor house in 2baba home. Anyway,that’s not the right time to ask for those things from him. Are they even suppose 2 make it compulsory or tax him to do dat? See me see waha ooO!

  6. An adage says ‘wen a child is bad, he belongs 2 d parents alone; but wen he is gud, he belongs 2 d whole community’. 2baba, bear it bro nd let God be d judge! If u can, nw dat d burial is over, just overluk dia acts nd complete dis act of charity nd God’ll continue 2 bless u. But bet mi, dey will hv reasons 2 com beg ur mom 4 dis insult somday!


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