Zoo Calls For Exorcism OF Four-Horned Aggresive Devil Sheep

A four-horned ‘devil’ sheep sparked panic at the British zoo after wierd and really scary things began to happen.


Traumatised zoo staff have called in an exorcist over the 18-month-old sheep named ‘Devlin’. They noticed that the sheep, a Manx Loaghtan breed, was a vicious beast who attacked anyone who entered his corral.


Further things got worse as one of the visitors saw water bubbling in the sheep’s drinking bowl and heard the horrendous ‘growl’ – not typical for rams. He was said to have left the zoo in tears over the incident.

Moreover, the sheep destroyed an entire field of pumpkins and feedbags with no apparent reason. Devlin’s horns have also caused alarm, although these are normal for his breed, native to the Isle of Man.

A spokesman for the petting zoo said: “Since Devlin has arrived we have noticed a lot of weird things happening. Staff have been told to approach him with caution and go in pairs when they feed him.


The oddest incident was when a keeper swears he saw water in the goat’s drinking bowls appearing to boil on its own accord. Things have got so bad that we are in the process of contacting exorcist experts to come and see if Devlin is possessed.”


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