Woman In Police Custody After Hidden Marijuana Falls From Her Underwear


A woman from Massachusetts is facing narcotics charges after police discovered heroin and painkillers hidden in her underwear ….Jill Roy, 33, was arrested last month by policemen following a traffic stop when a bag containing various pills fell from her pants as she was standing near a patrol car, according to police report.

Upon being transported to the Police Department for booking, Roy admitted ownership of a one-ounce bag of marijuana found inside the car she was driving.During a search conducted on her during the booking process, an officer “observed her underwear had a hard exterior.”

Asked what kind of underwear she had on, Roy replied, “I don’t have a butt so I wear these and another pair of underwear under it.”

She was then directed to “take off the hard exterior underwear,” Roy “became visibly upset,” the report states. After asking several times why she had to remove the buttocks prosthesis, Roy relented and removed the item. Two plastic baggies containing a total of 13 Oxycodone pills and a bag containing $350 of heroin were spotted in her other pair of underwear.

Police described the 5’ 7”, 115-pound Roy as “skinny.” She is the mother of three young children, whose names she has tattooed on her body.


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