“Where Are All The Available Men?” How to Attract a Man Who is Ready for a Relationship

article-201492685440720647000“Where are all the available men?”

“There are no good men in [insert your city here]!”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this from frustrated, single women looking for a relationship-ready man. These successful sistas aren’t complaining about the men/women ratios in their particular city; they’re fed up with meeting the wrong kind of man!

Let me help a sista out! If you approached your “man search” with a new mindset, you’d have better results.

For example, instead of asking “Where are all the available men?” ask “How can I find a man who’s serious about a relationship?” The answer is in the question!

It seems like a small tweak, but changing the question from where to how, does one of two things: 1) assumes that there are available men 2) sets you up to search for solutions.

Next, get a plan. It’s one thing to dream, desire, hope and pray. It’s another thing entirely to do something! Eleanor Roosevelt said, “It takes just as much energy to wish as it does to plan.”

Here are 4 done-for-you plans to help you find a man who is serious about relationships:

1) Ask your family and friends to introduce you to someone. It takes a village to raise a child….and to help you find a good man!

2) Use online dating. There are millions of people online; Nearly 1/5 of marriages have started from online dating! In addition to the big sites, I’ve seen specialty online dating sites for farmers, professors, preachers and more. Just Google “online dating” + your hobby to find one that suits you. To weed through all the wrong men and attract the right one, you’ll need the right mindset, the right site, professional pictures, and a flirty essay!

3) Go to singles events. Every weekend there are speed dating events, mixers, networking events, dances, game nights, and more happening in your city. Grab a friend and go!

4) Hire a matchmaker: If you’re too busy for online dating or singles’ events and you still want to meet a professional man who’s looking for a relationship, try a matchmaking service. Matchmakers are like job headhunters. We do all the work for you to find, screen and coach your date, so you can just show up and focus on having a good time meeting interesting people.

Now you’re probably thinking something like:

“I want love to find me.”

“I’m not trying to look desperate by trying to find a man.”

“Isn’t it the man’s job to look?”

“I don’t have time for all of that. God needs to send him to me.”

“I’m exhausted from trying so hard. It’s easier just to stay single!”

But I’m asking you a real question: What are you willing to do to get the relationship you desire? If you’re waiting for something to happen to you, you might be waiting a long time.

Good men are all around you, waiting to meet you. Change your perspective and you will find them!



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