Uche Ogbodo: “I can’t reconcile with my former husband”


Just a few months ago, Nollywood actress, Uche Ogbodo, walked out of her engagement to Ato Ubby, barely 10 months after the lovebirds got engaged traditionally.

The controversial actress, who has come out to address what is as good as a marriage crash, said there is no possibility of reconciling with her ex husband and although she gave birth to a baby girl a few months back, she said she is still very open to the idea of getting married again sometime in the future.

Speaking in a new interview with Encomium magazine, Uche said: ‘Bygone is Bygone. I am open to anything. I will be hopeful but I am not ready. I am taking a long break but I wouldn’t close my eyes to the possibility of marriage. I will shine my eyes next time.’

Speaking on motherhood, she said: – ‘it is all about ‘the unconditional love and unquestionable love. This is someone loving you unconditionally. It is quite difficult to explain the love between mother and child. ‘The first scan said I had twins but along the way, one did not grow. I had another scan it was still a boy, then another it was still a boy. Not until I got to America that the scan said it was a girl. All through I was having different dreams. In the dream, it was a baby girl I was seeing. Someone even wanted to give me a girl in the dream but I rejected it. I didn’t buy baby things until I was seven months (gone). Even at that I bought Unisex things,’


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