Shan George: “Infidelity not always tied to lack of love”


Veteran Nollywood actress — Shan George, was famous for playing promiscuous roles back in the day and she has something to say about cheating.

Shan George earlier today caused a buzz on social media when she seemed to suggest she is in support of infidelity in marriage with what she wrote on a social media platform.

According to the actress, who has hardly been freed from controversies in her long career, other factors apart from lack of love can warrant a situation where a man cheats on his wife.

‘Cheating on a wife doesn’t mean the man loves his wife any less. Its just alcohol and temptation,’ she wrote on her Twitter page.

The 43-year-old actress who recently became a grand mother courtesy her first son, Delnoi, had gone in and come out of two different marriages with the volume of issues of alleged allegations especially against her second husband very loud at the time of the crash.


  1. Several men, who are said to be cheating on their wives actually obtain some benefits which are favorable to their wives. For example, the psychic stimuli obtained from the sexual act with other women may help to prevent early onset of erectile dysfunction, which can cause wife-initiated separation. Most men do not love their wife any less but simply rejuvenate their sexual prowess.


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