Restaurant Admits Putting Opium In Their Noodles To Customers Addicted To Thier Food


Restaurant admits to putting opium in there noodles to make their customers come back.

Zhang, the restaurant owner, confesses that he had been grinding poppy buds into the food. Everything came to light during routine traffic stop when one of the restaurant’s regular customers tested positive for opium.   

4.4 lbs of poppy buds were purchased by the restaurant for $100 according Zhang. The additive drug was reportedly added flavor but also improved his business.

The restaurant owner didn’t realize that his plan had fallen flat on its face. The amount that he was putting into his food was far too small to even be habit-forming, but just enough to raise a red flag on a drug test.  

If your food needs drugs to make your costumers back perhaps you need reconsider the ingredients you’re already using before adding another one that also happens to be illegal.


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