Photos: This Fayose’s official vintage car is something you would love to see

Ekiti state governor Ayo Fayose on Thursday unveiled his official car…a 1957 or 1965 vintage Mercedes Bens car. It may be an old model Mercedes, but I hear it’s quite expensive. If you owned this car back in the day…you were the sh*t! Hehe. See more pics below..


  1. @tunde
    like the bigot Ogbeni rauf aregbesola that choose adire for sch uniforms.wake up and smell the coffe ,Ekiti is in debt egg head.

  2. What r u guys sayn??? D car is classy! If he were to launch a lamboghini Contage or a Mercedes S6 ltd editn ya’ll wuld call him a thief…. Think deep 4 once in ur lives. Damn!!! Your comments r disgustn. An illiterate wulda said smefin mre reasnbl.# No hard feelings. just sayn

  3. You guys should leave fayose alone.when the people of the state like the man, there is nothing anybody can do so far they are enjoying his government.


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