Photos: Nigerian airforce pilot reportedly beheaded by Boko Haram


A new video is reported to have been released to AP by Boko Haram men showing the beheading of a man said to be a military pilot who co-piloted the missing Naval air force jet.

The video also shows burnt out plane parts with Nigerian military markings. Two pilots and an Alpha jet have been missing since Sept. 11. Below is the report from AP…

A new video allegedly shows Boko Haram leader Abubakar Shekau disputing claims of his death, and the beheading of a man who identifies himself as the pilot of a missing Nigerian Air Force jet. It shows burnt out plane parts with Nigerian military markings, the first indication that Nigeria’s homegrown Islamic extremists have the capability to shoot down aircraft. The man beheaded with an axe identifies himself as a wing commander, saying he has not seen his second pilot since the jet was shot down.

Before his beheading, the pilot reportedly gave his name, rank and date of birth, which is 1975 and also said

“I’m a pilot of the Nigerian air-force. On September 11th, I was assigned on a mission to Kawuri, Borno state. During the mission we were shot down and our aircraft crashed. To this day, I don’t know the whereabouts of my second pilot. I was taken into the care of (Boko Haram). At the time of the crash, I sustained cuts and broken hand and some other injuries to the head.

After saying this, the pilot was forced to the ground and his head chopped off with a pick axe. The pilot is said to be a Wing Commander

The jet after it was allegedly shot down…


  1. I find this story quite conflicting and contradicting!where are the two men one pilot and the other an engineer who reported to base unhurt and which was announced and reported severally?by d way that pieces of an aircraft they r referring 2 d pieces of d plane boko haram allegedly shot down could be some scrab gathered from any scrabyard.The Malasian Plane that was shot down by rebels in Ukraine had fire on it and d area was clearly seen dis is just another cover by boko haram 2 show they r still in d game while actually their game is up!

    • Kinsgley Onos: there was a Helicopter that crashed at Bama: that is the one that the engineer managed to trek to civilisation, and was recovered. The Pilot [Nwakile] died, co-pilot survived.
      This one is an Alpha Jet with two pilots: it looks like it was shot down, and this pilot beheaded. I went to school with the Late Pilot.
      The fuselage can scatter without fire: if hit by heavy gunfire. It is very possible.
      This is very sad!

  2. This should really piss off the NAF and NA they should not take this!! This should give. Them a reason to wipe this. Animals out once and for all!!

  3. Naija no be like Israel or America! If you touch one of dem soldiers/ citizen, be rest asured that a lot of the enemies heads most roll. We dont place value on our own- i truly wonder why. ISLAM…ISLAM…ISLAM! When will this people stop this religious cruelty.

  4. Coming to think of it! What is BH lead time in preparing a Video? D NAF pilot shown in d news, dats if he is, is well shaved with low hair cut!CertaCertainly nd logically d beheading would av happened about 3 dys after declared missing i.e 14th sept. Infering 4rm dat also could mean video was shot b4 d claimed death of BH leader by Nigeria military… Ur guess is as good as mine! 4rm pictures we av seen of BH, shaving or linning of bears is not in their dictionary……

  5. Believe, the Nigerian military is winning the fight so far..
    No propaganda by BH will derail our army..
    God bless our army! God bless Nigeria!!!

  6. Either the video is true or not my greatest concern is that Nigerian should be more prayerful so these evil trend will be a forgotten issue in our nation however,very unfortunate loosing great and intelligent officers and soldiers to this dreddful evil may God have mercy and come to our aid quickly.


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