PHOTO: See How This Celebrity Disgraced Herself In Public


Hmmm… What should we call this ?? Fashion or What ??

Question: Should we blame her or wardrobe malfunction?


  1. She is simply stupid and lazy, that’s why she is looking for. a cheap source of money “prostitution” she has no self esteem, she is useless

  2. No blame her na people wey dey sell bra or even needle and thread wey strike cause am!!! Excuses aren’t real, they are only made by lazy louts and the godlessly irresponsible. Shaaaaaaaaammmmmmmmmeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Everyone is a thief,it’s who is caught that become ole/barawo. All u ladies with morality posts here aren’t any different. U just haven’t been caught


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