Paul McCartney Names Kanye and Jay Z Show As ‘Greatest Ever’


Great musical legend Sir Paul McCartney says a show by Kanye West and Jay Z is his favorite ever live performance.

The 72-year-old music legend recently conducted a Twitter Q&A session with his two million followers and during it admitted that of the legendary acts he has witnessed over the last 60 years, a concert by the ‘Watch the Throne’ rappers was the greatest he has ever witnessed.

When asked by a fan what the favourite gig he’d been to was, he wrote: ‘There are many, but @S_C_ & @kanyewest comes to mind #askPaul (sic)’

The Beatles star also spoke to his fans about the tunes which he’s enjoying at the moment, singling out the new single from the Foo Fighters, ‘Something from Nothing’, and acknowledging Sia‘s smash hit, ‘Chandelier‘.

However, some users did prompt the ‘Let It Be’ singer for some sillier answers, with one asking: ‘Do you ever twerk #askPaul (sic)’ Paul responded by saying: ‘The last time I tweaked I was with @katyperry. She was rather good at it! #askPaul (sic)’.

Paul ended the conversation by premiering an unreleased demo version of the Wings track, ‘Beware My Love’, featuring John Bonham, the late drummer of Led Zeppelin which will appear on a remastered edition of the band’s ‘Wings at the Speed of Sound’ album.


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