Japanese Car Maker Toyota Recalls 1.75 Million Cars World Wide


Famous Japanese car makers Toyota has said it is recalling 1.75 million of its vehicles globally over faulty brakes and other glitches that could pose a fire risk.

The problems have been found in several of its models, including its luxury Lexus brand and Crown Majesta, the company said.

Among the issues was an improperly shaped part in the braking system, a problem that affected 802,000 vehicles produced between June 2007 and 2012, mostly in Japan and China

“The brake does not become ineffective, but brake performance could begin to gradually degrade,” Toyota said in an email to the AFP news agency.

Another problem, involving the fuel delivery pipe, was found on 759,000 vehicles, including Lexus models and Crown Majestas made between January 2005 and September 2010.

More than half of the affected cars were sold in the United States.

In Japan, 109,000 cars were also recalled due to problems linked to the fuel-suction plate which also posed a fire risk, the firm told AFP. The affected cars were made between October 2006 and October 2014.

The announcement comes four months after Toyota recalled 2.27 million vehicles globally over another defect, this time in its airbags.

The company has recalled almost 11 million vehicles since the start of the year.


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