It Will Not Take More Than Ten Years; You Will See Massive Changes In Nigeria – Jonathan

Nigeria will be massively transformed in a positive way within the next 10 years, President Goodluck Jonathan Tuesday assured Nigerians.

“…it would not take a lifetime for this country to change. It would not take more than 10 years. Within a space of 10 years, you would see major changes,” said Jonathan after he received a Primatial award conferred on him by the Archbishop, Metropolitan and Primate of All Nigeria, Most Reverend Nicholas Okoh, at the Presidential Villa.

He promised to continue working together with his Vice and other members of his cabinet to improve the quality of life of Nigerians.

“We have our transformation agenda, it is not something we can do overnight, even if you have all the money in the world. If you want to build a six-storey building, you must give yourself a period of time to complete that project.

“We have drawn our map and we have progressed. I believe we are progressing in the right direction,” Jonathan said.

He however asked for the support of Nigerians and prayers of spiritual fathers in the country.

“All what we require from you as spiritual fathers is to pray for us for God to give us the wisdom and mind to do what is right because it takes on God to lead.

“Without the fear of God, nobody can lead well. We are all humans. We are pushed into all kinds of situations. But if God is with you, no matter the challenges, no matter the circumstances you find yourself you will prevail,” Jonathan said.

The president noted that no one would have thought he would become president, but now that he is Nigeria’s leader, he is committed to leaving a mark.

“Most people know about it, but maybe when I leave office, that is when I will tell the full story of my journey. But I believe very clearly that it is God that made it possible to even be a deputy governor in the first place, not to talk about being a president. I promise I will do my best.”

“…I believe whatever is happening to Nigeria will be very temporary. We will go through the challenges. With your prayers, we will go through the challenges,” Jonathan said.


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