How To Date A Nigerian Man And Still Be A Leader

Let’s just face this fact: typical Nigerian man is very egoistic. So, if you are a modern independent woman what should you do? There are still are many ways to be in love with a Nigerian guy and to remain a leader. 

1. He is a leader

Give him respect, show your admiration for his abilities and achievements. You don’t need to be his slave to show him respect.

How to lead? If he is a king, so you are a queen.

2. Faith

The worst thing a Nigerian girl can do is to cheat on her man. If you are with him – be 100% faithful. Of course, if he cheated first – walk out of that relations.

How to lead? If you are a faithful woman you are already at the top of the list.

3. Taking care of him


Nigerian man loves to be taken care of. It includes preparing meals, cleaning his flat, and maintaining his mood in a good condition. He wants to feel your care.

How to lead? Of course, his mother took care of him. But, before you met, he used to do all these things by himself. So, remind him of this fact. Occasional signs of caring show your love. If you do them constantly it turns into a duty.

4. Love his family (or at least try to)

It is not a joke. His mother should become your best friend. You will not succeed if you are stubborn. When a Nigerian guy introduces you to his family there is no way out. Many Nigerians left their girl just because their families said “no!”

How to lead? Show them some respect. You don’t need to burst into kisses, but try to be cordial.

5. Religion

Nigerian men believe in God. Some of them may not be too religious, but they think their woman should preferably be. If you are from different religions, show respect to his faith. Think of following him to church/mosque once. For instance, if he is a Muslim, try to learn more about Islam.

How to lead? Don’t just speak bad of his God for whatever reason. At the same time, don’t allow him to drown your own beliefs.

6. He needs some personal space

All men love personal space. Give him some time to have fun with guys, families and his hobbies.

How to lead? He surely has some own hobbies and duties. You don’t need to hang around him all the time.

7. Be smart

It is hard to be a silly girl in Nigeria. You are likely to be at the end of his list. Yes, a typical Nigerian man doesn’t want his woman to be smarter than he is. But a dumb girl is not interesting for him either.

How to lead? Be flexible and use your brains.

8. Work hard

Don’t be lazy. Nigerian men work hard to earn their money. They want you to be able to maintain what they have done. Not just to spend it all. If you don’t have a job, try to learn something. Everyone has some talents.

How to lead? Be hard-working and no man will treat you less than you deserve.

And don’t forget that Nigerian men are the best in the whole world!


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