Football Player Bitten By Dog On Field, Wants To Name It After Luis Suarez


Dog bites man — nothing crazy there. But dog gives luck to bitten man? Now that’s a story.

A soccer player in Brazil said a pooch that strayed onto the pitch and chomped into him as he carried it off the field actually bestowed good fortune on him, ESPN reported.

Eduardo Mundai, known as Dudu, and his Sao Paulo-RS team were trailing Farroupilha, 2-1, in the semifinals of the Copa Sul Fronteira on Saturday when the incident happened. But Dudu later scored the winning goal in the 90th minute for a 3-2 victory, wrote ESPN.

Dudu was reportedly tested for rabies after the game.

In an interview this week, Dudu said he wanted to find the dog and name it after Luis Suarez, the star from Uruguay who infamously bit Italian player Giorgio Chiellini during the World Cup.


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