FG To Ban Commercial Motorcycles Nationwide

The use of motorcycles as commercial means of transport in Nigeria, popularly known as ‘Okada’ or ‘Achaba’ may soon be banned throughout the country.
The proposal for the ban was made by the National Council on Transport after its annual conference in Enugu State and endorsed by the Minister of Transport, Sen. Idris Umar.

A statement from the Federal Ministry of Transport on Saturday evening stated that the ban of commercial motorcycle was one of the measures proposed towards adequate provision of safety and secure transportation in Nigeria.

It said the recommendation was contained in a statement of the week long meeting which had in attendance all the state commissioners of transport, permanent secretaries, directors and officials in the federal and state ministries of transport across the country.

The council advised all states in the federation to henceforth discourage the use of commercial motorcycles as a means of public transportation.

“All states and the Federal Capital Territory have therefore been advised to establish a public transport system that ensure strict regulation of the operation of public passenger transportation system through a well-articulated management system for enhanced safety, security, effective and efficient service delivery,” the statement said.

It added, “The states are to also develop master plans for the development of intelligent transport system to facilitate the development and management of their transport operations in line with emerging trends and global best practices.”

The statement noted that the council also agreed that all commercial vehicles should be properly registered in each state while their enumeration should be carried out periodically to enhance safety and security.


  1. IDIOTS. confused and ignorant policy makers. dey live in state capitals and d FCT wtout knowin wat piple in rural areas go tru, and den dey tink banning okada will wrk. even if cheap means can b provided…no good roads to facilitate dat…dem neva do road and dem wan ban okada…dey just enjoy opressing d poor.

  2. May God punish all the people behind the proposed ban on okada. They embezzle the people’s money, spend it on their cursed lives and met out unnecessary punishment to the people in return. Can’t they do something about transportation in Nigeria without taking away some citizen’s means of livelihood? Fools & rogues!

  3. He no go beta for initiator of dis ban,him nd his generation will varnish from dis country.them tink say na only dem get dis country. Including prof dibu dat monpoolis jamb registration for intitutions.

  4. A ban on okada without a people- oriented, affordable,and efficient transport policy in place is CALOUS to say the least.It is another demonstration of government’s ineptitude and cluelessness ! What happens to to the millions of livelihood being presently sustained by the trade? Never mind the fact that a sizable chunk of the riders are school leavers who are denied any reasonable alternate employment by poor or non -existing policy .My fear is that if the proposed ban is not rescinded together with the removal of national minimum wage from the exclusive legislative list, the nation may be set on the path of conflagration and unrest . With an election year just around the corner, I don’t know whose interest would be best served by this ban.


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