‘Elephant’ Man’s Leg Swells To 20kg In a Decade

A 64-year-old man can no longer fit into even the biggest custom-made trousers  as his leg has grown to an enormous size, Rosehearty, Aberdeenshire, UK.


Michael Cull rarely leaves his home due to discomfort, and is often the butt of ‘Elephant Man’ jokes in the street. The growth on the leg began after a car accident 10 years ago since then it swelled to almost twenty kilograms.

Mr Cull has been diagnosed with elephantiasis a disease often found in Third World countries. Although tests have shown no sign of the parasite which often causes it.

Cull, a retired computer technician was told he could have an operation on the leg, but later the doctor backed out.  Mr Cull said: “I have no idea how I stand legally on this. One minute I’m told I’ll get the operation, the next I’m told I won’t.

Doctors in Dundee have suggested some kind of compression device that would have to be changed weekly instead of surgery. The head of NHS Grampian says finance is not the problem, so what is the problem?”

Elephantiasis is a symptom of a variety of diseases, where parts of a person’s body swell to massive proportions.


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