Despite ‘Ceasefire’ Deal, Suspected Boko Haram Gunmen Kill Scores In Borno Villages

boko-haram-sect-360x225Inspite of a purported Ceasefire agreement in place, gunmen suspected to be Boko Haram insurgents have attacked two villages in Borno State, a local official has disclosed.

The gunmen, in two Hilux vehicles, stormed Maikadiri in Abadam Local Government, in the northern part of Borno on Friday evening, shooting sporadically into villagers’ homes and killed a yet-to-be ascertained number of people.

Modu Kaka, a local government official, who spoke from neighboring Niger, said “we lost many people in our village to Boko Haram yesterday, and many people were seriously injured”.

He disclosed that the father of the immediate past speaker of the state House of Assembly was also shot dead by the militants.

Also, in a renewed attack on Shaffa, Hawul Local Government, south of Borno on Saturday morning, dozens of Boko Haram insurgents rode to a village near the town shooting at everybody and everything in sight. Eight people were killed, said Bulus Yakubu, a resident there.

Yakubu disclosed that his brother, who left Maiduguri on Friday morning and spent the night in Biu before proceeding to Shaffa on Saturday morning, reported the attack.

“My brother called from the bush where he was hiding this morning and said there was pandemonium in Shaffa as Boko Haram has invaded the a village near the town, shooting at everybody at sight. He fled from the motor park into the bush. He is still in the bush as I am talking to you now”, he disclosed.

Shaffa is about 240 kilometres from Maiduguri; the state capital. It came under heavy attack by the Boko Haram in late September when at least 20 people including a school teacher, were killed by the insurgents. Many houses were also set ablaze by the terrorists.


  1. Boko harm is not for peace,dey are enemies of Nigeria even if some of dem are Nigerians it dose change any thing,dey are killing our people day by day and all our goverment cld do is talk about ceasefire,boko haram is talking about ceasefire cos dey don’t have eoungh men to stand agst Nigerias army any more dat is who dey won’t to exchng de girls to dere men,for refrcement,agst Nigeria pls we shld b wise I love nigeria till death.


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