Chris Okotie Lacks Moral Right To Question Oritsejafor — CAN

The Christian Association of Nigeria has challenged the founder of Household of God, Pastor Chris Okotie to manage his home and keep to biblical principles of one man, one wife.

chris okotie

The association was reacting to the demand by Okotie that its President, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, should resign over the alleged involvement of his aircraft in the controversial $9.3m smuggled into South Africa by two Nigerians and an Israeli.

Okotie, had in a statement by Okotie on his church’s Facebook page, said, “Considering the collateral damage Pastor Ayo’s close relationship with the President has done to the Christian community, it is fit and proper for the Pastor to resign immediately as CAN President to salvage what remains of the battered image of the association.

“This is without prejudice to the on-going investigation on the matter. Denials of his culpability by the Federal Government, CAN officials and his own recent defense, does nothing to reduce the moral burden this whole saga places on his shoulders. As the titular leader of Christians in Nigeria, there’s now a serious crisis of confidence on his leadership and he ought to respond to it by resigning from his exalted position.”

But the Director of National Issues in CAN, Mr. Sunny Oibe, revealed that Okotie was looking for popularity through Oritsejafor.

He said, “Is Chris Okotie a Christian? How many wives has he?

He should go and sort out himself. Even the government has exonerated Pastor Ayo of all the allegations. So, who is Okotie? Well, it is laughable if Chris Okotie should demand that Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor should resign as President of CAN.

“Chris Okotie should remove the log in his eyes before he begins to see a peck in somebody’s eyes. Pastor Ayo had a soaring integrity before he was elected the President of CAN. Who elected Chris Okotie to become the spokesperson of Christians in Nigeria?

“CAN will not like to join issues with Okotie because doing that will amount to making him popular. He is looking for popularity which he doesn’t have through Pastor Ayo and he is not going to get it.”


  1. I am a xtan, but these people have disgraced themselves. Starting from d writer here to Ayo Orishejafor and to Okotie. Is this the kind of Christanity our Lord Jesus Christ is coming to meet @ His second coming? Definitely NO!!!

  2. Chris Okotie only stated his views which he is entitled to. He merely made a suggestion based on his views about something that occured. I don’t see why he should be criticized for that. Freedom of speech is very important in a civilized society!

  3. Triumphant, does it not amount to speaking from the two sides of the mouth to accept that freedom of speech allows Okotie to express his opinion but forbids others from criticizing him?

  4. CAN’s reply to Okotie’s greed for unriddled publicity has always landed him in trouble. He dabbled into politics and dabbled out, fought against Chris Oyakhilomen and failed. Like CAN said, his house is in disarray and disorder which needs fixing. It is unfortunate that he could open his mouth to insult CANs president without fear or respect. Pastor Ayo is a man God has taken to all parts of the world with the gospel as against Okotie, to the four walls of his one building church in Ikeja.
    Okoties virtuperations and call on pastor Ayo to resign is senseless and stupid and a deliberate attempt to play into the hands of the northern anti-Christ Arewa Peoples Congress, APC. WE are not unmindful of the devices of our detractors. God bless Nigeria.

  5. I cannot believe that this statement came CAN..
    ..Was this statement ratified by the association?
    If this is true, then I am very shocked, disappointed, dismayed discouraged. It goes a long way to show the understanding & wisdom that exists on this platform. Can should apologise for releasing this kind of statement.

  6. Rev. Chris Okotie is at the liberty of accusing other men of God like himself because talking is free. at times i feel he should be silence on certain issues because he himself has score of cases to talked about. Is he a member of CAN, did he in any way voted Ayo in to CAN leadership? That Ayo’s jet came in through South Africa with an Israeli should never be a news. Let Nigerians be praying for Okotie to bridled his tongue over certain anointed men of God and learned to address ministers issues as a minister.
    Seowoto P.


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