Buhari Postpones Campaign Launch

Former Head of State Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (rtd) has postponed the official launch of his presidential campaign, reports Vanguard.

The presidential aspirant under the umbrella of the All Progressives Congress (APC) had earlier slated the launch for October 8, but has held it off for now, due to the absence of some close associates who are away on Islamic pilgrimage to the Saudi Arabia.

“Yes it is true but we have not yet confirmed the new date but it will be after the Adamawa election,” said Alhaji Umaru Dhembo, a campaign official, who confirmed the development.

Another reason for the deferment, according to Vanguard sources, is the closeness of the launch to the governorship bye election in Adamawa State on October 11.

“With Adamawa election with our experience with Ekiti, we do not want our people to be blocked as they did in Ekiti,” Dhembo added.


  1. Bunkum! What do you mean by “we don’t want ‘our people’, blocked as they did in Ekiti’ – whose people are they not? Was it not the same process that was used in Osun? Did APC not win there? Nigerians from all walks of life are sick & tired of the misguided ‘pull him down’ politics of the APC, & this will shut down the party like the old moribund medicament of the same name. Caveat Emptor!


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