Alex Ekubo: “I Can’t Categorically Tell You If I’m In A Relationship With Yemi Alade Or Not”


Charming Nigerian actor and runner up, Mr Nigeria 2010 — Alex Ekubo has decided to keep silent once again over his alleged intimate relationship with female musician, and Johnny crooner, Yemi Alade.

Alex while speaking with a Vanguard reporter recently says there are two things he never does, and they are speaking about his finances and talking about his relationship.

He however admits the singer has a sweet soul and she’s his personal darling.

“Yemi is vibrant, she’s a breath of fresh air, and she’s young, creative and talented. Have you seen Yemi dance? I’ve been in two of her videos and she is my darling, a sweetheart.

He then adds, and there are two things I don’t talk about; they are my finance and my relationship.”


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