3 Men Arrested For Mugging A Dying Woman Of Her Wedding Ring.


What kind of person seriously thinks it is cool to steal from a dying woman? 3 men were arrested for stealing victim’s wedding right moments before she passed away. Keith B. Hickles, Jr. and Daquantrius S. Johnson and Quanique D. Thomas-Hameen have been captured by police after restaurant surveillance caught them in the act.

The thieves faced misdemeanor theft and obstructing apprehension. The felony included that he helped two of his friends mug a 43-year-old Danielle Zimmerman as she was dying from a brain aneurysm in her car.

Police reported Thomas and others jumped into her car as she drove up to a drive-thru. The woman was nearly unconscious as she was arriving to the restaurant. The men stole her purse, cellphone and wedding ring instead of calling her some help. How could people be so cruel…?

“Instead of trying to help her, somebody robbed her. What really appalled me — the wedding ring. How could you take somebody’s wedding ring off their finger?” Husband, Kris Zimmerman, states in reports.

The victim died the next day at the local hospital.

In court, Thomas apologized to Zimmerman’s family but the apology had no effect on Kris Zimmerman as he kept calling him a coward several times after. The woman’s wedding ring was never recovered.

 “You never know if she would be here today if you would have just stopped.” Zimmerman said.



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