2015 Elections Will Be Bloody, But Jonathan Is Coming Back, Says Prophet Ayorinde

Samson AyorindeAhead of his formal declaration to run for a second term in office, President Goodluck Jonathan has been warned to be wary of disgruntled elements that might desperately make attempts on his life in a bid to remove him from power and foil his ambition to contest in the 2015 general elections.

Giving the warning while speaking on the state of the nation, the president and founder of the World Evangelism Bible Church, (WEBIC) Incorporated, Ojota, Lagos, and Chairman of Faith Television, London, Prophet (Dr) Samson Ayorinde, also warned that the forthcoming elections would be “bloody”.

The Architect turned tele-evangelist advised Jonathan to prioritize dialogue with Boko Haram and ensure its actualisation soonest to minimise incessant attacks by the insurgents on the citizenry, prior to the elections.

“2015 general elections is going to be bloody, But God will protect His own and sanity will reign. We are praying. But it is going to be bloody. There is no remedy. That time of battle is usually the time that things juggle up. We can only minimise the impact. Normally, the Boko Haram attacks, as it gets to the election, become heavier, and the counter attacks to get them under control also become heavier. In the places where these happen, they will declare a State of Emergency, so elections cannot hold in those states”, he said.

Ayorinde, however, predicted that Jonathan would emerge winner of the presidential election in 2015 once he shakes up his personal security.

“Jonathan is coming back into office as the president in 2015, unless he dies. They have made attempts to kill him, and they will make other attempts. If they do it by violence, the South will secede. At the end of the day, the country will either be regional with a confederation, which Awolowo had predicted a long time ago, or we stay as Federal Republic of Nigeria, which everybody will have to agree to because united we stand, divided we fall”.


  1. We have seen the handwriting on the wall and that is why we all should pray. No man, no matter how powerful can bring about the disintegration of Nigeria. This counyry will remain one after 2015 elections and the true greatness of Nigeria will unfold more as from 2015. God is in control

  2. People of God that is predicting bloody election just because Jonathan want to re contest are not being fair to the people they pastor and to their God else can’t they tell this man to stop his ambition for the sake of peace?

    These prophets of doom should say something better. There is no problem that has no solution. If leaders are bad they should change their bad ways. Why are they not telling the rulers to rule well and allow truth to prevail.
    The bible does not support bad rulership, ruling in deceit and lies. These self made prophets should face reality and stop being sentimental.
    When the problem comes we shall all witness it.
    Whether Nigeria stands as one or devided, the best should happen. They should tell us what God has in store for Nigeria as God’s owned country and solution to the present situation.

  4. We nead to be prayerful on 2015 elections because revolution is coming but my prayer is that may alah take control over 2015 elections.nigeria is one we shall unity forever.

  5. Panic not! God still remain in charge of His world. He is also in charge of all the affairs of Nigeria, and the next year election. GEJ carry go in the Transforming our only country – Nigeria. God is with you and with all good people.

  6. I am a deacon and I knew within me that Jonathan will emerged as our next president come 2015 but he should try and alloow 3rd tier of government to deliver the dividened of democracy to the grassroot than the governor to see himself as one man battalion…….Masses are not enjoying the said state governnment

  7. There’s nothing God cannot do. We just need to pray without ceasing. Let’s also do our possible best to ensure none of us or our friends and family are used in ridging the election of causing any violence. As we pray, let us watch also. God bless Nigeria.

  8. You can not make an omellete without breaking an egg. Just as they said in 2011 that they would make the country ungovernable for GEJ, they have again declared the dog and baboon blood bath show in 2015. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Nigeria will survive it all as she has done in the past.

  9. By the time the results are out, this pastor will lose half of his followers because GEJ will be routed out of the Villa that very 14th of Feb. 2015.

  10. The pastor is a devilish person propagating evil that will never happen in this great nation. I think Oritsajafor had informed you as regard his plans with Jonathan and militant Tompolo who purchased 6 war ships in preparation for post elections. May God almighty destroy those behind boko haram and the break up of Nigeria.


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