1,000 Prophets, Pastors To Lead Fayose To New Govt House For ‘Spiritual Cleansing’

ayo fayoseAhead of his swearing-in on Thursday as the Governor of Ekiti State at the Oluyemi Kayode Stadium, Ado Ekiti, Mr Ayo Fayose has gathered no fewer than 1,000 prophets and pastors to carry out “spiritual cleansing” at the newly inaugurated Oke Ayoba Government Lodge.

The multi-million naira edifice, which was built by the administration of Dr Kayode Fayemi and was commissioned by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon Aminu Tambuwal weekend, will serve as the official residence of the governor of the state.

Speaking during a television programme at NTA, Ado Ekiti on Tuesday, Mr Fayose said the Pastors and Prophets, who must be ‘divinely called’, are welcome from all the 16 local government areas of the state.

“I am inviting all our men of God to follow us to Oke Ayobo, Government House on Thursday to do some spiritual cleansing there.

“But let me emphasis that we are only inviting pastors who are divinely called to lead us to Government House

“They (clerics) would be in front, we shall follow them; our men of God would use the power of prayer to conquer”.


    God’s work is now in a mess in the hands of stomach/hungry ministers of God. What manner of cleansing are they going to do at Government house? Is it the house that actually need to be cleaned or the to be new occupier?
    We shy away from the main duty God has given us. Has Fayose really accepted Jesus Christ into his life? Is he willing to obey his doctrine – ruling with the fear of God, ready to better the lives of people in the state, etc.?
    Let them cleanse him first to be spiritually alive with Christ, all other things will follow. It’s then God’s promises can hold on him.
    God’s work can not be sold or ridicule. It’s high time ministers of God honored themselves.

  2. Men of God watch out!is the inviter born again? Is he called by God to rule?if not no prayer will be answered rather plague will be invited.


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