Tony Tetuila Unfazed By Criticism, Charges Fans Ahead Of 2015 Elections


He came under heavy criticism by the public after he decided to enter politics and still kept his trademark hair style and color.

The former member of the defunct remedies group, Tony Tetuila is definitely unfazed even in the face of the many criticisms that have crossed his path since his campaign poster was released on Tuesday.

Tetuila took to his Twitter account yesterday to canvass for support from his fans and supporters: ‘Change for the future is here. Lets make it happen,’ he wrote.

Tetuila has been strongly criticised for sticking to his blonde hair even for his campaign poster, a choice some of his fans think makes him look to unserious and may reduce his chances of victory.

Tony tetuila @i_amTonytetuila


change for the future is here

Let’s make it happen

— Tony tetuila(@i_amTonytetuila) September 24, 2014


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