Teenager Brings Bomb To School To Gain Street-Cred

When did making homemade bombs ever become socially “cool?”

An Oregon teen was recently arrested after he was caught with an explosive at the St. Helens school. The teen was allegedly showing it off to other students which led his classmates to inform school officials.


The school quickly called police and evacuated the school. The students were then taken to a local elementary school while the bomb squad investigated the building.

Once it increased in all seriousness, the sophomore admitted to having the bomb in his locker. Personally I would imagine that’s the first place you’d check anyway…

Police reported that the homemade bomb was highly “explosive and certainly dangerous.”

“It could have hurt somebody,” said St. Helens Police Lt. Terry Moss. “To what end, I don’t know. We aren’t talking about a situation where you are going to blow up the whole school but certainly someone could’ve been hurt.”

The suspect is being charges with possessing, manufacturing of an explosive device and disorderly conduct. He was been taken to the Cowlitz County Juvenile Detention Facility and is scheduled to face a judge Monday morning.

Allegedly the suspect claims to have never wanted to scare the school. He felt as if bringing it to school would give him street-cred so he just brought it.

Honestly, I am glad it worked out the way it did. Several students could have lost their lives just because this person wanted to fit in? The suspect is 16 not six, so I totally commend officials for doing what they supposed to do. What do you think, should this kid get a second chance once he’s in front of the magistrate this Monday? 


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