Oby Ezekwesili reacts to GEJ’s order to pull down offensive bring back Jonathan signs


We first saw the offensive hashtags on the twitter timeline of the Senior Special Assistant on Public Affairs to the President, Doyin Okupe, before the signs were spread all over Abuja.

The convener of the #bringbackourgirls campaign, Dr Oby Ezekwesili just shared her opinion on the issue on Twitter. See more tweets.




  1. Imagine dat, I jst diagnosed wat is rong wit dis inept presidency 2b grossed hypocrisy/idiotical. Hw on earth wll dey try dat well it showed their bigot n hw incompetent they are dat is wy their exhibiting their foolishness 2d whole world 2see. Useless/bloodsucker govt.

    Jonathan is surrounded by hypocrites who are only interested in sucking this country dry. They will definitely do everything to work out his second term.
    He is being fed with wrong information. With all his claimed experience, what does Senior Special Assistant on Public Affairs to the President, Doyin Okupe know about the agony the masses of this country are passing through from the ill advice and information they are feeding the president and the actions of the president himself? Do they even know what hardships they are subjecting us to? It is only who feels it that knows it.
    If Jonathan wants another chance let him correct all the havocs he has caused to the socioeconomic of this country. No sensible person who want better life for this country will think of second term for GEJ.
    His administration is the worse so far in terms of corruption, security, lost of life and low standard of living especially among none civil servants. Even political victimization in civil services.
    Our politicians do not value life. Their priorities are winning election, looting treasury and corrupting the society for continuity.
    When calamity befell the society they see it as another source of enhancing their income – investigation panel with huge sitting allowances, misappropriation of votes for such disasters and programs (e.g. 1.9 billion for Ebola), faking benefactors of relieves, new political appointments, etc. Our case is that what makes the public cry is a thing of joy to those in position of power.
    Little wonder “Bringback our girls” now coin as “Bringback GEJ. The presidency cannot claim to be innocent in this. The presidency is the under dog behind all these campaigns of second term. It is Jonathan’s strategy of forcing himself on Nigerians.
    Jonathan should create time for himself and examine all the criticisms against him so far. He should then assess himself before seeking the second term. What legacy is he leaving after his tenure? What does he want us to remember him for – as the most corruptive president, the head of an administration that makes life meaningless to masses, a president without focus? etc. It is unfortunate that he fails Nigerians who thought his educational qualifications would have had great positive impact on the nation.

  3. Its freedom of information so any one can say trash… Cuz I don’t immagine the president condicending to making billboards himself. Okukpe shld be attack for his incompetence not the president. For me ill say if other govts had been like these, Nigeria would have been a better place by now.


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