Medical Student Died At Sperm Bank After 4th Donation In 10 Days

A Chinese man died after donating sperm four times in 10 days, it has been disclosed.

Zheng Gang, 23, was found slumped over and unconscious when staff broke down the door at a private booth in the Wuhan University clinic in Hubei Province, China. He was said to have been looking at sexy magazines in the private booth. It was his fourth visit in just over a week.

Medics at the sperm bank noticed that the young man seemed to be taking a long time when they still hadn’t seen him after two hours in the private booth.

The tragic death occurred in 2012, but only came to light after the young man’s family took the sperm bank to court saying that they were responsible for his death.

But the court has now ruled that Zheng, 23, who had started studying at the University to become a doctor in 2010, was entirely capable of making his own decisions about his life, including whether he wanted to take part in the sperm bank program.

The court heard that the young trainee doctor signed up for the programme in January 2011 and in 10 days had made four visits to donate sperm for the universities sperm bank program.

His family had demanded almost £500,000 in compensation, saying that they had pressurised him into agreeing to take part and had not handled the situation properly when he was found unconscious.

A lower court had only awarded the family £19,000 plus £8,000 in funeral costs, and the family had appealed. But the High Court has now upheld the lower court decision.


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