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Manchester United’s title aspirations given a reality check




Leicester fought back from 3-1 down to beat an attacking minded United side.

Manchester United only have themselves to blame as they squandered a healthy lead when they faced a defiant Leicester City outfit in the early fixtures of Super Sunday.

The Red devils had the first initiative when Robin Vanpersie was at the end of a superb Radamel Falcao’s cross. No sooner did summer signing Di Maria double the advantage with a magical chip.

Leonardo Ulloa’s reduced the deficit with a well measured header. However, 25-year old Ander Herrera’s scored early in the second half to put the visitors in a comfortable position.

But redemption was on the horizon. Leicester David Nugent converted his penalty, before Esteban Cambiasso equalized for the ice kings.

Jamie Vardy preyed on a sloppy United defense, first received possession from Ritchie De Laet before converting with ease to score his first Premier League goal.

Esteban Cambiasso on hand to equalize

Esteban Cambiasso on hand to equalize

The Home side were not done. Young Tyler Nathan Blackett was sent off for a foul on Vardy in the box to award a penalty- Ulloa’s scored again to complete the rout.

Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal on Skysports: “How is it possible to give this game away? We have given the game away. Leicester has proven already in four games that they have a strong character and that when they are 3-1 down, you can play all the game with more possession but you cannot do these kind of things.”

On Tyler Blackett’s sending off and the Jonny Evans injury: “It is not pleasant when players are injured or sent off but we can manage. I don’t think it is the weakness of our defence, it is the weakness of our defensive organisation from the team. That we have to do better. You have to know when you can pass the ball and when you have to get rid of the ball. In this game, at 3-1 I felt we had played fantastic football but then you cannot make the errors we did.

“We have to continue and improve. We created a lot of chances, we made fantastic goals so that is a plus but we lost the game and that is the most important thing.”

Leicester manager Nigel Pearson: “Back to back wins in the Premier League is never easy, especially for a promoted
side. To back up the Stoke win against one of the big forces in English football is very satisfying. When you add to that coming from 3-1 down, it is a testament to the quality, belief and spirit amongst us. All in all we got things right tactically. We were always in the game because we matched them up.

“The most important thing is we continued in a positive vein. It is not a case of being positive and also being naïve. You need to find the right way to approach games. In the end we were full value for it.

“When you play against the diamond, the players who are going to have the most time are both full-backs. But we were able to exploit areas down the side of the back four on the transitions. We didn’t do it well enough for long periods in the first half but were better in the second. The players have to take credit for how they went about putting into practice what we talked about and also their resilience. It is not just about technical ability.

“I haven’t seen it (the first penalty) but I think when players commit to challenges in the box you have to be careful. We have an honest group of players and when you play at this level there are offences where you wonder if they are or aren’t. That is the culture we have now. But our players work hard to put opponents under pressure and if we had a lucky break we earned it.”


Football Legend, Diego Maradona Dies At 60 Following Heart Attack



BREAKING: Football Legend, Diego Maradona Dies At 60 Following Heart Attack

Diego Maradona

Argentina and Napoli legend, Diego Maradona has passed away at the age of 60 following a heart attack.

The Gimnasia coach had been hospitalised at the start of November, days after celebrating the landmark birthday, after complaining of low spirits and fatigue.

Recall that some weeks ago, it was reported that the football legend had a blood clot on the brain, which doctors later revealed was operated on successfully.

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Two weeks after being discharged from the hospital and recovering at home, he reportedly suffered a cardiac arrest on Wednesday morning.

The Argentine national team’s official Twitter account confirmed the news on Wednesday.



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The Contribution of Sports Betting to the Economy of Nigeria



Most of us have grown up with gambling lore that left us petrified to our core. Gambling ruins lives, gives rise to financial and legal problems.

This is all that we have grown up learning. However, this is only partly true and must not be taken too seriously. Sure, gambling has its disadvantages and evils.

However, the activity, in its entirety, is not addictive. It is what humans make out of it. Human beings give up self-control and spiral into a bottomless pit of despair due to that.

Gambling, when indulged in appropriately, does no harm. In fact, it is one of the biggest industries and contributes significantly to the global economy.

The moot point of this article is to have a look at the betting industry of Nigeria. While we do that, we shall also examine how much the industry contributes to the economy of the nation.

Therefore, let us now have a look at the industry and venture a few important points throughout
the article.

How Does the Betting Industry of Nigeria Look Like?

The gambling industry of Nigeria resides in the areas of gray. One cannot look at it in either black or white.

Gambling activities are considered illegal in Nigeria, with the exception of a few. And betting on sports happens to be one of those exceptions.

Online gambling in Nigeria is allowed only on offshore-owned and operated casinos. Locally operated casinos are not allowed to function in the land.

Now speaking of betting, one must note that the betting industry happens to be a key player in Nigeria’s economy. There are over fifty functional and legal betting sites in Nigeria.

As we mentioned before, betting is entirely legal, unlike online gambling. All those who want to gamble on sites like can do so with the use of VPNs.

Nigerians are incredibly passionate as a people about their sports. That is why the idea of making money by betting on their favorite sports has a lot of appeal.

With about 200 million people in the country, the betting industry has found a solid footing in the market. It has been estimated that over the last few decades, Nigeria has grown to become the second-largest betting market in South Africa.

Over 60 million people find entertainment through online betting sites in South Africa. Therefore, one can understand, going by the statistics that Nigeria has evolved over the last few years when it comes to betting.

Reasons for this Massive Growth in the Popularity of Online Betting:

One of the primary reasons for this massive popularity in online betting is the increase in technological innovations.

Nigeria, over the past few years, has seen technological expansion and super-fast connectivity. Almost everyone has access to smartphones now.

This is what makes it so easy for people of every age group to bet online. The constraints that the nation had in technology and connectivity are no longer an issue.

It is estimated that in the next few years, the country shall see more such innovations and expansion. This will, therefore, act further as a catalyst to the growth of the online betting industry.

The Government is Now Tightening the Noose around Online Betting to Raise Revenue:

As we already mentioned a few times before that Nigeria had strict laws related to online gambling.

The government also did not pay much attention to the betting industry. However, things have changed now and shall change further down the line.

The Nigerian government is now formulating some strict laws so that it could pull the revenue from betting into the coffers.

This is also one of the most significant reasons for the growth in Nigeria’s economy. Online betting is a lucrative industry, and we can already deduce that from we discussed.

With the government paying more attention to the industry, crime rates can be reduced, and better revenue can be raised.

If anything, the involvement of the Nigerian government shall only serve as a fresh change. Plus, with a better structure in the betting industry, more people can find jobs and livelihood.

Wrapping It Up:

We can see how the online betting industry of Nigeria has become one of the chief contributors
to its economy.

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Betting – The Ultimate App For Sports Fans!



For all those sports fans out there who are tired of following sports news that you do not find relevant, Sporty Group has come out with the perfect solution to this problem – is the ultimate sports app for all sports fans! Sporty gives access to the world’s best sports content with zero cost and zero ads. The app is available on the Google Play Store for free. Fans around the world can access the latest sports news on their handheld devices anytime and get live updates on matches. offers a lot of features that can be leveraged by those who are sports enthusiasts. Here are the standout features of the newly launched application that has access to the world’s best sports content. 

  • Latest Sports News (SportyNews)

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  • Live Scores and Exclusive Videos (SportyTV) provides live scores of all the sports around the world, including an additional choice where one can filter out scores of just their favourites, whether it would be league scores or team scores. 

  • Game Stats (SportyLive)

Analyze every game in detail through this feature on Sporty. Get the most comprehensive data on any match through the app with match facts, team line-ups, minute-by-minute analysis and tracking, competition trees, live league tables and formations.

  • Chat System (SportyChat)

Chat and share sports talk on Sporty with other users and friends! An incredibly unique feature on offer indeed, which can help you stay updated and also share banter with friends on the go.

Get Sporty, Live Sporty as you Follow, Like, Share, Watch & Chat on!

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