Kaduna Assembly APC Members Promise To Renew Whistle Blowing On State Govt


Members of the Kaduna State House of Assembly on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC) have promised to renew their roles as whistle blowers on state af­fairs under the ruling party, Peoples Demo­cratic Party (PDP).

Addressing a press con­ference, leader of the APC lawmakers in the House, Muhammad Ali, said as the conscience of the ordinary man and woman in the state, the lawmakers would do everything possible to call to order the ruling PDP over issues of state and governance.

Hon. Ali regret­ted that for the past sev­eral months, the lawmak­ers appeared to have gone to sleep over their roles in checkmating bad gover­nance in the state.

He said, “You are all aware that as members of the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) in the Kaduna State House of Assembly, we are supposed to be the whistle blowers and conscience of the ordinary man and woman from any part of this state.

“Unfortunately, it has not been so in the past several months, hence the need to reinvigorate the saddle of leadership with a view to injecting a sense of direc­tion and to call to order the ruling party over issues of state and governance.

“Being members of the legislature or principal of­ficers does not invalidate our right to constructive criticism of government in areas it is lacking or show­ing incapacity.

“Therefore, it is for this and sundry reasons that it has become expedient to focus on the issue of securi­ty, SURE-P and such other issues that are relevant.

“Security as you all know has to do with the quality of the state in terms of poverty levels and equality. The se­curity situation in Kaduna State is best understood by studying the statistics that show that while the state is getting richer, our citizens are getting poorer than they have been in recent history.

“A situation where up to 50 percent of the popu­lation live on less than N1000 a day is a clear pic­ture of a state of insecurity. This is a universal truth. The lower the level of pov­erty, the less will be the in­equality in such a society and the higher the security risk would be.

“From our observation as honourable members of the State Assembly and citizens of Kaduna State, it is our conclusion that there can­not be security and genu­ine development without a fair level of equality and a minimised level of poverty amongst the citizenry. What is the state government do­ing in this direction?

“Poverty, disease, unem­ployment, homelessness, lack of energy, poor infra­structure, illiteracy, beg­ging and destitution are all aspects of violence and in­security and a state cannot be said to be on a develop­ment path if these abound”.


  1. Where have you been since? Where you sleeping? Or the money that was given to you have finished? Do what you can, we are waiting all of you in 2015 if Allah SWA keep us alive.


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