Infant Dies From Crystal Meth After Parents Gave Him To Stop Crying


Two parents were recently arrested for giving their infant son crystal meth…

Although some can argue not all drugs are as bad as the hype makes them seem, crystal meth was never one of those drugs. The two, Mr. & Mrs. Strnadova, allegedly reported that the child would not stop crying no matter what they did. 

After the parent gave the baby meth, he quickly became unconscious. There is no way that they could have found the correct dosage for a child because there is no correct dosage! The parents continued to deny the accusation of giving their baby meth despite already having the hospital declare him clinically dead.

 The hospital was able to determine that the baby did in fact have high levels of meth in the bloodstream in addition to severe brain damage.  

According to the Slovak Hospital, “they came into the waiting room with the unconscious baby in a pram and demanded to see a doctor, when we carried out checks it became apparent the child was in a critical state and had been given a strong dosage of drugs.”

Dr.Moracikova stated “the child’s brain is severely damaged and he is clinically dead. His chances of survival are minimal and he is being kept alive by a life support machine.”

According to neighbors the Strnadovas are already know for cooking meth. Majority of the neighbors claim they are saddened but hardly surprised. Other alleged claims state that the parents would serve the liquor when he was out of hand as well as anxiety pills that weren’t prescribed to anyone in that family. I might even say that the child is a miracle for surviving so long. “I always worried about letting my children play outside because you never knew what would happen. They never should have been allowed to keep that poor baby.”

The father was arrested on charges of neglect and causing harm to a minor. The charges are expected to change if the child dies. Currently only the father counted for offering the substance. The mother of the child has been released since she has no specific charges although officials are instigating her for failing to stop her husband.

I hate to assume it has anything to do race however this case might be an example of just that, racism.   This story is many forms of sad. Parents neglecting their duties of preparing their child for this dark world we live in. Having all that danger come from your own parents is so revolting. Aside from all that corruption, how could they release this woman; the woman that allowed someone to murder her own baby. We have people getting locked up for “suspicion”, but don’t have the power to keep her contained?


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