Halima Abubakar Tells Of Her Struggle With Depression


Forget all about the photos and display of herself smiling and stuff, it appears that Nollywood actress — Halima Abubakar, was battling depression.

The actress took to her Instagram page to talk about her struggle with depression 2 years ago and how she eventually overcame it.

She wrote: –

“Wish I have a camera to film my journey so far..it will be one long essay..Am here 4 a reason not a season… just glad dat I don’t look like the pains I v been through.Trust me it was bad..I definitely praise strong women,who have to deal with hardship and hate.. I say may Allah bless all u positive soul..e go better just trust God.

I was depressed during this period.I went through huge change..I survived the transition.I told my self to be strong and keep pushing..this period was no joke..Allah is amazing hmm tbt 2yrs ago”

Thank God she got over it ooh!


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