Guru Maharaji Speaks On The Current Ebola Crises In Nigeria


He has been under the radar for a very long time and it takes a miracle to even manage to contact him.

He is the spiritual head of the One Love Family — Guru Maharaji and he weighs into the Ebola crises in Nigerian.

In a interview with City People, Maharaji says Patrick Sawyer was used to cause crises in the diplomatic circle.

He also spoke intensively about the Boko Haram crises and other sundry matters.

Read excerpts below: –


Apart from security issue facing the country, there is this killer virus called Ebola Virus Disease (EVD), which our country is trying to stop its spread.

“ As a spiritual leader what do you make out of all these challenges, is it our sins that is that much or what? And what is the solution to all these?.

I don’t think Nigerians are aware of what sin is, because in a world where you can’t see the creator what is left? They say He is omnipotent these that in English Language. The creator is omnipotent there is no doubt about it. but then don’t forget that we are dramatising a script that Oyibos put down. They say we are Nigeria, you have to be Muslim, you have to be a Christian. You have to go to college, you have to go to University, you must get married etc. If you don’t go to America you can’t make a biro and all these things. So the issue is that our people are dying ignorantly. In the twentieth century they said the world was coming to an end. 1999, somebody said no the world will not come to an end, they persecuted him. The world naturally is there. Now we are in the 21st century somebody is proclaiming that you can see God alive, they say what? How dare he? But then you see man is a temple of God.

The Bible says that know that ye are gods. We are children of God, we are gods ourselves and we have the power. So how do we curtain it? this is where Ebola comes in. Ebola is not a disease, it is a virus invented by the Oyibos. Like the Condom, like the hand-tracts to HIV, to eliminate some people in Africa. Because if you look at it critically, the man who had the virus flew to America, to Liberia and from Liberia he entered here. The ancestors caught him even some weeks back, another diplomat who was carrying the virus died inside the plane. They said they suspected him of heart-attack, its a lie. He was being used to cause another problem in the diplomatic circle. So Ebola is part of what we stalwart program, ‘weapon of silent mass destruction’. That if they were to enter? They say don’t shake, is that what they said when Aids came. Already, I have told everybody about twenty five thirty years ago, the best way to great somebody is to bow. Now they said don’t eat bush meat, there is nothing wrong with bush meat. Even though we are aware that if you eat anything live your life will be shorten.

As the crown of creation, the creator has given us what to eat that we make us live longer, but anybody who tells who that Ebola is cause by eating bush meat, its a lie. It would have been cow meat because bush meat live inside the bush. But cow is being driven by people who hate, people who are in the habit of killing without any excuse. So I say it clean clearly, its part of stalwart program to finish the blacks in Africa. Who have today assembled in Nigeria and gradually with the perfect living master, the country is now becoming a threat to all the countries of the world. Because it is Nigeria you find the best things, best food, weather that is highly accommodating. We have enough raw materials and the grace that has touched Nigeria to have a living perfect master is something that is frighten all of them. So time is coming that Nigeria will start making cars, T.Vs, Radios through knowledge. So Nigerians should not be afraid of Ebola and if you are afraid all you need to do is to go and appeal the oguns. If you don’t have money go for divine knowledge, use Maharaji name, it will work. No disease with my presence. ‘’So Ebola is a political weapon to kill silently, secretly’’.

You have said it times without number that with your presence as the only ‘Living Light’, there wouldn’t be any form of war in the country, but if we should look at things critically it seems the insurgents (Boko Haram), is gaining more ground as far as war against terrorism is concerned in Nigeria. What is your point of view on the issue generally and as a spiritual leader?.

Right from the time of amalgamation and the journey into the project called Nigeria, something went wrong and what went wrong is what we are trying to rectify now. And I believe that as soon as this is rectified the whole of Africa will have a breathing space. That is that a Black man doesn’t know what happened to his ancestors, our fathers. Were they carried to New York? Or Germany or Antigua or where? How do we get in touch with them? How do we know the mistakes that they made so that we can correct these mistakes. Because I believe that we have human and material resources to get to that point. So in a states of these kind of confusion where we don’t know where we come from, we don’t know our background and where we are going. This kind of situation is bound to be happening, but then you can’t clear the roads with way things are be done now. That is that okay if you build roads, if you build houses, if you get hundred cars, if you give everybody hundred million, no, the problem is spiritual. It is a spiritual problem and this spiritual problem is just like somebody who is hungry for food, he reads and reads and recite the menu list.

He needs the food, spiritual food and so until Maharaj came, all of us were just being led to the precipice, being led to a point of no return (Orun a re mabo). So with the coming of Maharaji now, everybody is now waking up, trying to find out that okay so…..there was a time when they see you with Western newspapers they say you a Communist, they want you to be a Capitalist. There was a time they say Align Nations/Non Align Nations, yes, people are been told that don’t do any borehole o! We need pipe-bone water, those things have changed now people are having boreholes. There was a time they said don’t touch the oracles, don’t touch deities, now people are going to deities. This is to tell you that things have changed and things are changing. Now with the Boko Haram thing, I believe that Nigerians do not need any prayers. We need to respect ourselves, we need to honour ourselves, we need to appreciate each other. And that is where Saudaner made a mistake by saying that he has to rule from Kano or the North to the sea, what do you mean by that? Now they are saying it in a better form. Kind of way, that they have to Islamise and that is what led IBB by taken us secretly to Organisation of Islamic Conference. Which was opposed by Ebito Ohkiwe and that was why he was fired we are glad he came out. ‘’So the question now is Europeans evolved from here, the Chinese walked away from Ife, the Norwegians from Ife, the Indians, the Hausas, Fulanis all of them left from Ife some years back’’. So with what they have learnt or studied about things that used to happen here. Don’t forget I have been saying this for almost thirty years and I know that it was last year, our respectable king, a king of global recognition, HIM, Alaafin of Oyo said that what is seen in Quran and the Bible were script taken from the original writings in Oyo, clear.

So today, coming up with Boko Haram is not something like Boko Haram, its just like another illegality, another group of robbers who want to use guns to intimidate the whole Nigeria in other to gain political control of the country. So whatever the people are doing, whether Catholic, Muslims, Chritians, I believe that its just like trying to kill a Python with fresh eggs, it has not worked. How? Because people are shouting and shouting and you can’t talk to somebody in Ibadan town from here by shouting. We need a certain machine and so today, the machine is what I have brought by telling the world that, the true name of the creator is Muharaj ji, not God, not Allah, not Jesus, not Mohammed. So whatever they have done they have been able to take us to a certain point. Well, and there is no truth. Because people are dying every day, even the people who are prophesying to be the author of the Bible, Quran, in the Middle-East there is fighting. What am telling the people is that if they want a way forward to kill the Boko Haram virus. They should ask those few people who after the presidential primaries and the election of 2011, who went ahead to say that they will not allow Nigeria to be governed. Among who are IBB, Atiku, Buari, El-Rufai, the Lai Mohammed, Ciroma and others. These are the people we have to arrest now. We should not give them time and to do we have take over their banking accounts and they have to go searching their homes one after the other, to know how much they are having. Because I believe that once they are arrested, we are not going to do anything, but just for them to explain..(Aje ke lana omo ku loni). That is the point that we are to go now and nothing will happen. I remember during M.K.O’s time, some people, Yorubas were saying that if they arrest M.K.O we do this we do that.

When they arrested him what did they do? Yes, they were waiting for the law to take its feet. They will investigate him and leave him, but unfortunately he went to declare himself as president at campus square. So there was a law that has been broken. The same way under the constitution of this country you can cause war by words of your mouth particularly, those people I have mentioned, they are leaders that we respect, we trained them, we gave them everything they have including the knowledge, to respect honour and law, they can’t be the ones to destabilise this country when the due process of law has been followed.

Like you rightly said that the problem we are having in the country presently is more of a spiritual thing. One would have expected you to have taken some steps spiritually and as a spiritual leader. What exactly is the solution to all these challenges?

When things gets out of order and also in other not to be screaming and shouting at each other, that was why the confab thing came up. With the recommendations particularly in the area of establishment of more local government councils, coming of state police, going back to the regional settings that was in place before now. If all these things are put in place, there will be no cheating. The cheating we are having now comes in the area of revenue allocation formula, which is need to be looked into. In addition to that believe you me, ‘’I said it years before that, all those causing the problems will be expose one after the other, o yes! We are going to expose them’’. And we are going to do something to make everybody to start to love each other. So whatever is going on is something you have to understand that, compared to indices of war in so many countries, it can’t be up to 1% of what is going on in Nigeria.

We are really doing something, devotees are meditating and we all involve in making sure that, the war doesn’t spread to any part of the country. Don’t forget that to fight this war is not by shootings alone, the judiciary must play its role. They must make sure that cases are not unduly delayed. The Police have to do their job, to make sure they maintain order, law and peace, everybody must contribute his or her own quota. Because if you take the President, Vice President, President of Senate, Speaker of House, Chief Justice of the Federation, the next power base is the Journalism profession. They can change things upside down and I believe that, this is not the best time for us to sensationalise all that is going on. I will never ever put on the papers that Barma city has been recaptured by Boko Haram, rather I will say that Boko Haram has failed.

But if the local media don’t report what is happening in our land, the foreign media would do and may even over reported it. Don’t you think it can also be a kind of compromise on the ethics of journalism?

What is on ground now is that some people are killing our children and doing all sort of things. Now they are hoisting a flag saying that they have declared a caliphate. And the Saultan of Sokoto whose progenitors established a similar caliphate in the North in 1914 so to speak is keeping quiet. He should have been the first person to say stop, but because they are one. Feeling that Nigerians are going to keep quiet, am not against people saying whatever they want to say. But we talking about the law on the ground now. In fact, when publication becomes so bizarre, soldiers will say don’t post me to Maiduguri o! NYSC students, even Police will say no, am not going to that area, that is what am saying. So you can’t compromise the truth, but you have to be careful. You some powerful Nigerians going to Dubai to do parties, they show them on t.v dancing, dancing to what? When our children are been killed every day.”

So what are you doing concerning all these challenges facing the country ?

Don’t forget that Maharaji is not PDP, APC, no. Am not involve in any party, but i am involve in how Nigeria can make it. so any leader I have to support him or her, whoever he or she is. Don’t forget that I have never be behind the scene, I have always be in forefront. I am a critical fighter for the emancipation of not only the Black race, but the whole world. Even when the HIV case came up, we got a drug ready here, we went to meet them and they said look! We don’t want Maharaji. If it were to be a Muslim or Christian they would have taken it. They are still under manipulation. ‘’Even this time around we supported the government and one of our doctors went to the headquarters of where people are being quarantined, but they said no, we don’t need Maharaji here o! That please whatever you must have invented please go back’’.

And I know that we are taking steps to write the government about it, for them to know that as Nigerians. In fact, there was a statement credited to one disgruntled governor from Delta State, somebody who just read, spend six years in the University came out as a medical doctor. Saying that they should tell all the traditional medicine practitioners and all spiritualists that nobody can find the cure for Ebola. That is a man whose integrity is questionable even in the state that he governs. He went to obtain a perpetual injunction against that, can such person be taken seriously. ‘’He has to revert the statement between now and the next one month otherwise he will pay for it’’. So we did somebody down there with that solution, but he was refused and they don’t know that this person (Maharaji) who you have pushed aside had tried in the last thirty four years to bring Nigeria to this point, who are these small, small bananas on the table? Talking like this, ‘’when they should encourage these people even for coming forward to proffer solution to our common problem’’. Instead of them to take those things and do research.


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