Fear Of Ebola: Man Nearly Lynched For Singing “Liberian Girl” In Lagos Market


It is no secret that the outbreak of the current Ebola epidemic within Nigeria was introduced when Liberian citizen Patrick Sawyer found his way into the country some months ago.

This subsequently led to a worldwide wave of negativity towards Liberia as a whole, with several accusations such as biological warfare levelled against the country.

In a new twist brought about by the general attitude of panic towards the virus, news reaching FNN indicates that a man was saved by the police from lynching at the hands of an angry mob, when he was discovered singing Michael Jackson’s classic hit “Liberian Girl”, while shopping at the Mile 12 market.

Eyewitnesses claim to FNN that the man was pricing yams at the market, and unconsciously began singing the chorus of the classic hit, and when the yam seller heard the words “Liberian girl,” he attacked the man, accusing him of being a Liberian citizen infected with the Ebola virus.

At this point a mob made up of customers and traders formed, and the man might well have been burned to death but for the intervention of a policemen driving by.

The man is currently being treated for his injuries at a private hospital in Lagos. More as this develops.


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