Emir Sanusi Advocates Stringent Punishment For Spouses Who Seek Divorce On Flimsy Grounds

emir-of-kano-sanusi-lamido-sanusiThe Emir of Kano, Muhammad Sanusi II, has urged the Kano State Government to enact a law that will punish those who dissolve their marriages on questionable grounds.

The Emir was reacting to the spate of divorce in Kano State, and said there must be punitive steps to reverse the trend.

According to Sanusi II, many Kano residents seek divorce from their spouse on flimsy excuses.

The Emir who spoke in Kano, Friday, noted that women are often the most affected after divorce.

The worst hit, he said, are the uneducated and the economically-disadvantaged, whose marriages are ended by their husbands over matters that could have been resolved amicably.

The Emir said anyone found guilty of separating from his or her spouse without sufficient reasons will be appropriately penalized to serve as deterrent to others and help reduce the increasing number of divorcees in the state.

He also warned his subjects, district heads, ward and village heads against drug addiction, saying he will not hesitate to expel anybody found to be a drug addict.


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