Ebola: West-African Countries Beg Fashola For Help

West African countries presently dealing with the cursed Ebola virus has seeked help from the Lagos state government in strategies to fight the virus.


The Deputy Director, Lagos State Ministry of Health, Mrs. Omowunmi George, revealed this today in Lagos and said that the death rate of  quarantined patients in lagos was the lowest in among areas so far afflicted with the virus.

She was talking at the Ebola awareness campaign in Ikorodu.

She revealed that of the 15 cases in the state only five had passed away and the rest overcame the virus and are now well and back to work.

She said: “What we did was to get everybody on duty at the airport when Sawyer came in; we got their numbers and contacted them; brought them a thermometer each to start monitoring their temperature; surely, their temperature will go up.

“Immediately they reported high temperature, they would be picked up and quarantined to prevent them from having any contact with other people.”

Lagos state has been praised by the United Nations for its effective control and contain of the deadly ebola virus.

The Ebola virus was introduced into Nigeria by the now late Patrick sawyer who deliberately traveled into Nigeria while harboring the deadly disease.


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