Cops Beat 12-YEAR-OLD GIRL Near Death, Claiming She Is A Prostitute


This story wasn’t reported in mainstream media and the gruesome details of this story will simply break your heart. A mother and father rushed outside after they heard their little girl screaming for help, as she was desperately grabbing hold of a tree with one arm, while police officers beat her in the neck, head, and throat. The little girl’s name who was brutally attacked is Dymond Milburn. Dymond Milburn is now 20-year-old and was an honor student attending Austin Middle School, when her life changed due to insensibility of Galveston police officers.

The beating took place on the 22nd of August at 7:45 PM, Dymond’s mother Emily Milburn was preparing her babies for school the next day, when the electricity to the home suddenly shut off. As a result of the electricity cutting off, Emily asked her daughter Dymond to go outside and hit the breaker box switch, which was located downstairs, outside the family’s home.

When Dymond stepped outside her family’s home and walked toward the breaker box, a group of men jumped out of a blue van and started attacking her. One of the men allegedly grabbed Dymond and screamed: “You’re a prostitute. You’re coming with me.”

Dymond acted swiftly and tried her best not to be dragged into a van with complete strangers, she resisted the group of men with all the strength she had. There was a tree in the direction the men were pulling her, so she grabbed the tree as tight as she could and started yelling out for her father.

Officer David Roark allegedly placed his hand over the mouth of Dymond Milburn, but luckily her father came outside to see what was going on after hearing his daughter’s desperate cry for help. The other police officer’s, Sean Stewart and Justin Popovich allegedly, punched Dymond’s face, throat, and head as their supervisor, Gilbery Gomez allowed the madness continue.

Dymond’s parents allegedly approached the police officers and said: “That’s our daughter. She’s twelve.” Roark responded “I don’t care if she’s twenty-two, thirty-two, or forty six.” The police officers allegedly threw Dymond into their van and decided to drop her off at a local hospital.

During Dymond’s examination at the hospital, doctors noticed she suffered from multiple hits to the face, head, lower back, neck, left shoulder, and waist area. Dymond also suffered a severe hit to the back of the head, which is where she was struck with a flashlight. There were also abrasions to her wrist and arms.

Her throat was swollen and she even had terrible swallowing, vomiting and nausea, and hoarseness of voice due to the continuous punches to her throat area. Dymond also suffered black eyes, tenderness of the vertebrae, and scalp lacerations. She went through loss of hearing and double vision. Dymond also went through continuous nose bleeds.

Following the attack, Dymond suffered from PTSD, inability to concentrate in school, and nightmares. When she was finally able to heal and return to school, there was a huge surprise waiting for Dymond. Police officers allegedly came to Austin Middle School and arrested her for resisting and assaulting a police officer. The court system in Galveston felt these charges were acceptable and Dymond was charged with assault on an officer and tried, two times! After a total of three years and two mistrials, the D.A. decided to drop her case. As soon as the criminal trials were over with, her mother and father immediately filed a civil suit, which named the four officers as plaintiffs. After the officers appealed the case multiple times, and even asked the court to dismiss the case based upon qualified immunity, meaning they should be let off the hook because they were doing their job. A settlement has yet to be finalized.

Not one of the officers were fired. In addition, Gomez continued to work for the police department until 2012, and is own leading his own private detective agency. Two years following the attack, Sean Stewart was granted the ‘Officer of the Year Award!”

This story was originally reported by THEFREETHOUGHTPROJECT.COM.



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