Christain Dating – God Says They Are the One, Your Family Says They are Not

Dating and relationships can be tough at times. It isn’t always easy navigating through all the nonsense and figuring who is truly best for you. There are so many factors to consider, but ultimately the most important factor is God. Getting his guidance on the matter is essential when you’re trying to position yourself to receive what is best for you. However, it isn’t always a simple process because hearing Him correctly is a work in progress for most.

If that wasn’t hard enough to deal with, now you have to also consider the impact of family, friends, and possibly your pastor when it comes to who you’re dating. They will have an opinion, and you can’t escape it when you have active relationships with them. It’s all good when everyone is on the same page, but you may not be so lucky. What happens when you feel God is telling you that you have met your future husband/wife, but your inner circle is telling you that you’re wrong? Do they know what’s best, or are they just not looking at things correctly? Could you be getting this wrong, or are you letting fear steer you away from what you truly feel within you?

If you didn’t get any resistance, then there would be no opportunity for you to experience God’s greatness…

Personally I don’t care what that inner circle tells you, you have to always listen to God. Those people may have very good intentions, but they are not God. They may struggle to see beyond the surface, whereas God’s vision is limitless. You can’t expect them to fully understand and grasp your situation, because they are not walking in your shoes. They can’t feel what you feel, and they will not see what you see. Their opposition is just part of the process of your growth in faith. If you didn’t get any resistance, then there would be no opportunity for you to experience God’s greatness when it comes to following Him in faith even when the path ahead seems unreasonable.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know there are people who are just getting things confused, and it’s possible you could be one of them. Some may be intentionally lying to themselves, and to others in order to justify what they want to do, and you could possibly be one of them. The things is, only you truly know if you are indeed one of those people. It is up to you to look within yourself and to go to God for the real answer. Don’t leave it up to trying to interpret signs, because the Devil can throw up signs too. The key is doing your due diligence in communicating and connecting with God. If you are doing what is necessary to gain clarity, then that is what really matters.

In life, what you see isn’t always what you get. Many things require a much deeper look in order to properly evaluate what you are dealing with. This rule doesn’t change when it comes to dating and relationships. If anything it becomes that much more important to embrace this concept if you truly want to set yourself up for a happy and successful relationship. God is your greatest tool to getting that deeper look, and no person should trump or replace His guidance. Be honest with yourself, let your spirit guide you, and let faith not fear be the foundation you stand on.



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