Boko Haram Sponsorship: Modu Sheriff Fires Back At Soyinka

Ali-Modu-SheriffFormer Governor of Borno State, Senator Ali Modu Sheriff has fired back at Nobel Laureate, Prof. Wole Soyinka, for referring to him as a sponsor of the Boko Haram sect in his recent article, ‘The Wages of Impunity’.

“Of the complicity of ex-Governor Sheriff in the parturition of Boko Haram, I have no doubt whatsoever, and I believe that the evidence is overwhelming”, Soyinka said in the article, which also faulted President Goodluck Jonathan for being found in company of the ex-governor during his recent state visit to N’djamena, Chad.

But in his reaction yesterday, Sheriff said Soyinka was only entertaining Nigerians with his mastery of the English language.

Speaking through Mr. Inuwa Bwala, the Commissioner of Information and Home Affairs under his administration, Sheriff said: “As the ‘cultist’ we know him (Soyinka) to be, being the founder of a confraternity for which the world is still waiting for answers from him, he is the least morally qualified to speak on the alleged involvement of any Nigerian in whatever crime.

“We challenge him to name this person he says he knows as a sponsor of Boko Haram in the Central Bank, if he is as patriotic as he claims to be. We also challenge him to prove to Nigerians that he is not the cultist we have always known him to be.

“No security agency anywhere or an individual who claims to have investigated this matter independently can dictate to Nigerians or our security personnel what to do about this Boko Haram menace. Therefore, this needless diversion is unwelcome”.



  2. Dis man that looks like a pig should b careful on how he talks about wole because he sherief i knw is a true sporsorer of bh, soyinka is highly respected and such is knw for sincerity

  3. Ali Modu Sheriff is infact the founder leader and the chief sponsor of bko haram because we know him to a father of terrorist even when he was a governor, anyway I blamed Godluck Jonathan and his administration for covering, and welcoming boko haram sponsors of Boko haram. God will punish both of them. Group of Vampires, please don’t even try to insult Soyinka for saying the truth about all of you and your vampire boss. Mother fucking blood suckers.

  4. Wole Soyinka is an old fool. is lyk he is getting out of control? his family should hold him b4 he enters in d market n dance. all these educated fools we have in south west. Wole is a known cultist

  5. D idiot sherif refused to answer d questn wether he is a bh sponsor or not, just character assasination. Soyinka is above u in all ramification and no amount of insult can stain him.god shal judge u


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